Same date. Same dress. Different man.

Same date. Same dress. Different man.





There can never be too many gifs of the kiss

still not over it


You know what I love about this kiss. Santana knew what Brittany was going to do. Brittany gave Santana the time to tell her to stop, she gave Santana the time to pull away. But she didn’t, Santana let the kiss happen. She let herself get pulled back into all that Brittany is to her.

For a moment, she got lost in the familiarity of who Brittany is to her, the girl she fell head over heal’s in love with, the girl that she finally accepted who was because of. Only after Brittany had kissed her did Santana realize what bad idea it was.

Not because she didn’t want Brittany, and not because she didn’t want the kiss to happen, not even because she had a girlfriend. But because it took so long for Santana to finally be able to tell herself she was over Brittany, that she could be happy and have a life with another girl.

The thought of it being a bad idea wasn’t for the three reason’s it should have been for. It was because Santana knew that if she let herself fall in love with Brittany again, it would take her forever to get over her again. 

Santana knew that she couldn’t let the kiss continue, because she knew where those kisses led to. Brittany knew thought that she had once chance to kiss Santana again, to tell her that no matter what, she wanted to be with Santana, not anyone else. 

Both of them knew they wanted to be with each other, but Brittany ultimately let the decision be down to Santana, because Brittany knew that Santana had Dani to think about, to think if she really wanted to be with Dani, or if she wanted to give Brittany another chance.

In the end though, they chose each other, because no matter what, they will always return to each other. Brittany and Santana were made for each other and no one or nothing is going to get in the way of that. 

They went through so much to be together in high school, they even tried long distance to try and stay together, but they realized that wasn’t going to work for them, and even though they broke up, they both knew in their heart’s, that no matter what, they would be together again one day.

it was never about grand gestures or epic kisses

it was the little things

The best thing that has ever happened to Glee - Santana Lopez x

Naya in Cabo (July 21, 2014)
Naya and Ryan Dorsey in Cabo (July 20, 2014)